The student Peter

The student Peter had the flu and was laying in his bed. He started to think of his personal finances. He had almost no money, and the house rent was due to next week. To ask his parents for a small contribution was nothing he wanted to do either. As he lay there looking out the window, on all the people who hurried past, he came up with the idea. Why not sell coffee to people on the go, there they are?

Peter had been in Norway at a soccer game last summer, and there he had seen sellers who had walked around and sold coffee from coffee backpacks. This have to be the perfect way to sell coffee to those people, he thought. He contacted the stadium and was informed that the manufacturers of these Coffee Backpacks was was the Norwegian company Thermvac. Peter found the company on the internet, and ordered a Thermvac Coffee Backpack right away. Three days later it came in the mail.

The Thermvac Coffee Backpack had a large advertising space on the back, and Peter quickly thought that this was a good opportunity for him. First he thought this could be used to provide a little extra income, but eventually he deiced to use this as leverage to get a good deal with a coffee distributor. After a few calls a deal was ready!

Next morning he optimistically headed over to the train station nearby. He was a bit defensive at first, and decided to take 1 euro per cup of coffee. The customers came instantly, and after an hour the first Backpack was empty. On the 60 cups he had sold, he had earned incredible 43 euros. This was a decent profit, but after a few days he decided to raise the price to 2 euros per cup. The costumer did not react negatively, and the sale went equally well. Now he had a real business!

The business evolved, and Peter saw opportunities to expand. He bought three more Thermvac Coffee backpacks, and hired a couple of friends from the university. Peter owned the backpacks and made a deal that gave him 40% of the profit from each sale. In a few months Peter could even stop doing direct sales, and spend all his time on managing his salespeople.